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Need Bulk Product Storage?
XBL has you covered

XBL Storage Solutions is offering Mobile Storage Silo as an innovative portable dry bulk storage solution that will allow you to store more product on-site in a much smaller footprint than traditional Portabulk units.

Mobile Storage Silos are much more efficient, and easier to use.

Material allocations and other constraints on the supply chain related to production facilities are our reality for the foreseeable future. It is imperative for producers to leverage all resources available to mitigate these challenges and provide the quality service and products your customer’s demand. Additional storage will allow you to secure more of your material allotments if you are constrained by storage capacity or allow your production to flex as needed.

XBL Mobile Silo vs. Portabulk (Mobile PIG)

Mobile Silo


Usable Capacity (cement)

220+ Tons

150 Tons


14′ x 14′

54′ x 11′

Web Based Inventory Monitoring

Auto or Manual Operation

Dust Mitigation

High Level Indicator & Alarm

Safe to Fill Indicator

Simultaneous Loading & Unloading

Know What is in Your Silo

Inventory monitoring and management is available for our Mobile Storage Silos as well as for our customers stationary silos. This service provides visibility to plant personnel as well as XBL to ensure that you have the material on hand to meet your commitments.

  • Continuous Silo Level Measurement via radar is ideal for use in measuring bulk powdered materials. It is reliable and accurate, even when deployed in a high dust environment.
  • No additional network bandwidth needed, operates independent of your internet connection
  • Self contained telematics allows levels to be viewed via web portal.

Safety driven. Driver focused. Customer centric. Value positioned.

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