Safety Motto

Xcel Bulk Logistics
Is Led By Its Core Values,
And First Among Them Is
“Xcellence” In Safety.

A safe operation can deliver on its promises to customers, but our first responsibility is to keep our team members and the communities in which we work and live safe. Delivering on this commitment begins with a culture where employees embrace our motto of “Be A Zero” – starting with our personal responsibilities, we are mindful and prudent in our work and we hold our co-workers at every level to the same standard. Only together can we build a team that supports and reinforces safety and “Xcellence”.

In addition, we pride ourselves in hiring and retaining the best drivers in the industry, and we start with the following requirements:

  • 4 or more tickets/preventable or accidents/incidents in last 3 years
  • Chemical test failure or positive controlled substance/alcohol test in last 10 years
  • DUI (or equivalent) or careless/ reckless driving (or equivalent) in last 5 years
  • Leaving scene of an accident (hit and run); fleeing or eluding police; assault with a  vehicle; or an alcohol/chemical test refusal in last 10 years
  • 3 or more DUIs in lifetime; 2 or more DUIs in last 10 years
  • Any combination of “serious” infractions as outlined by FMCSA subpart 383.51 during prescribed period of disqualification or DOT mandated suspension for  excessive violations in last 5 years
  • More than 30 points or 4 or more events (preventable accident/incident or point able moving violations) in last 3 years
  • Major criminal convictions in last 10 years (misdemeanors case specific)
  • Currently be on probation, parole or have a pending charge
  • Sale of controlled substance or possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute
  • Possession or transporting of controlled substance in a commercial vehicle
  • Criminal conviction of sale/manufacturer/distribution of a controlled substance, rape, murder, or any sexual act involving a child/registered sex offender